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New Server

Fingerprint of the new server:

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Info! It appears, that you want to connect to this server for the first time. Please verify that the fingerprint of the server is correct before approving.

Server signature changed:

The new presented fingerprint is:

The old fingerprint was:

Danger! The signature of the server changed. It could mean that the connection to the server has been compromised.

Please contact the owner of this server.
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Server asks for your plaintext password:

Danger! Accepting this will send your plain password to the server and should only be allowed if you are using LDAP or similar authentication methods. You can decline this, but this might fail in an authentication failure.
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Please enter your Google Authenticator Code:
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Please enter your YubiKey OTP Token:
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Approve the push notification on your mobile or provide your Duo Code:
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